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Former UNI football star loses job in AAF folding, gets married and signed to NFL team in one week

(KWWL) – The future is looking up for some players after the Alliance of American Football, known as the AAF, suspended its operations before its first season finished.

Former University of Northern Iowa All-American Karter Schult is having a crazy week. To say the least.

In one weeks time, he found out the AAF league he was playing for was folding, days later he gets married and by Tuesday, one week from the AAF’s sudden suspension, the Minnesota Vikings had announced they signed him.

With prime-time scheduling and millions reportedly tuning in, the newly formed AAF seemed like it was off to a successful start.

Until, with two weeks left in its first regular season, the league announced it was suspended operations to the surprise of many and to especially the players hoping it would propel them to another shot at making it to the NFL.

The former Panther, Schult was playing for the Salt Lake Stallions.

“It was very shocking, Nobody really knew. Coaches, the whole staff in Salt Lake, didn’t really know. All of a sudden on the same day we all got the hammer and found out and then it was a mad scramble with me and my agent. Teams calling in here and there just trying to figure out where we were going to go,” Schult said during a Facetime interview from his home in Des Moines.

Schult finished third in the league’s short run with seven sacks. His stint in the league paid off and soon after the AAF suspended, he knew he’d have an opportunity with the Vikings, luckily before his upcoming wedding.

But, Schult says, not all players were so lucky to get playing time as he did with such a short tenure of a league.

“It’s probably going to be a lot tougher road for those type of guys. I’ve been there before so I get it, it’s going to be tough,” Schult said. “I think that’s what hurts the most about this shutting down like this because now guys are unemployed and they might not get the opportunity to be employed in football again.”

While the league ultimately gave Schult what he wanted, another shot at playing football at a high level, he’s still disappointed with the outcome.

“The league had a lot of hope and I was very excited about being a part of it because I thought the concept was very good,” he said. “I think there needs to be a league like that. I think it could thrive and really work if somebody actually did it right.”

Schults contract announcement comes just in time. He’ll move to the Twin Cities next week in time to start spring practice with the Vikings. The Vikings said Schult was the third player signed to the team from the AAF since it ended.

Reportedly, more than 30 AAF players have been signed with NFL teams in the last week.

Schult confirmed that all of his teammates did receive pay for the eight weeks they were able to play before it folded.

Meanwhile, the AAF says due to “ongoing legal processes” they cannot talk about the decision to suspend the league.

Jalyn Souchek


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