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17 abandoned buildings slated for demolition

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) – Some Waterloo neighborhoods could soon be seeing a wrecking ball, with city council approving a bid tonight, to demolish 17 abandoned buildings.

On many streets in Waterloo, you can spot an abandoned building.

Levi Forester, a Waterloo neighbor of one such building, said he can’t stand seeing this building anymore.

“It’s due in time to get torn down for once and it’s been there for years like this and I walked by it, last week and seeing how it was and i was like ‘man, I hope this gets torn down ’cause somebody any kid walk around and anything could happen,'” Forester said.

Noel Anderson, the community planning and development director, said this has been a long time coming.

“It could become a dangerous building like in the case of the one that was fired damaged, and so we don’t want kids playing in there. we don’t want people just going in there and sleeping or something, especially when it’s a dangerous situation,” Anderson said.

On West Ninth Street and Grant Avenue where you can just tell this building needs some work. the bricks are crumbling from what used to be an apartment.

This run down apartment made a bus stop relocate for the safety of students.

The planned demolitions will be coming from general obligation bonds repaid with property taxes and is planned to start this Spring.

Planned for demolition are slated for 1420, 1422, 1426, 1430 commercial Street, 1211 Sycamore Street, 328 W. 14th Street, 536 Dawson Street 419 Lane street.

Other streets to be demolished  are 800 W. 2nd Street, 1131 Bertch St., 614 W. Seventh St., 623 W. Second St., 3126 Franklin St., 706 W. Park Ave., 322 and 326 Crescent Place, 1211 Sycamore St., 328 W. 14th St. and 419 Lane St.


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