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Cedar Rapids neighborhood gets a makeover

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL) – A neighborhood in Cedar Rapids got revitalized by their own residents today with the help of the city and local organizations that took part.

People of northwest cedar rapids coming together today to spruce up their neighborhood.

Volunteer and cedar rapids resident Danny Parrish says it’s about making his community a better place to live.

“It’s all relating to community empowerment so whether it’s open mic nights at our music venue, eating at our pay it forward cafe if you can’t afford a meal, getting fresh veggies from our urban farm down the road or renting a tool,” Parrish said.

Al Pierson is the president of northwest neighbors neighborhood association notes that there was not much being done before.

“We used to do it quite often and we kind of just got out of it, but we are trying to gear back up and make a difference in the neighborhood,” Pierson said.

This neighborhood marks the first one to undergo such a project.

Pierson says the northwest neighborhood association reports negligent properties and makes sure they are cleaned up.

“Our neighborhood, northwest neighborhood is probably one of the safest and one of the neighbors with the fewest complaints about negligent properties, so i think we helped make a difference,” Pierson said.

Residents who attend the events will also have the opportunity to meet with representatives from the program. Neighborhood Finance Corporation loans are location-based, not income-based.

If you live in the lending area, you could qualify to have up to $10,000 of your total home improvement loan forgiven.

The next neighborhood on deck to receive one of these clean-up events is in the morning of April 27 at Wellington Heights.


KWWL Reporter

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