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Iowa’s Lee wins second straight National Title

PITTSBURGH (KWWL) — Iowa’s Spencer Lee did it again. The sophomore defeated Virginia’s Jack Mueller 5-0 for a second straight 125 pound NCAA championship.

Lee, the 125 pound 3rd seed, picked up a takedown in the first minute to get rolling and secured the title with a second in the final 30 seconds.

“Terry Brands always tells me big time wrestlers show up at big time moments. We preach that at the University of Iowa, and everyone on my team believes that they’re a big-time wrestler because that’s the mindset you have to have to be in this sport,” Lee said.

Lee outscored his opponents 55-7 in five matches. As a team, the Hawkeyes finished in fourth. Penn State earned the title.

Mark Woodley

KWWL-TV Sports Anchor

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