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A look at flooding not from a river

(KWWL) – There’s not much green to work with at the Traer Golf and Country Club.

“We were open Wednesday night,” said club manager Josh Stansbery.

Closed now as wolf creek pours onto the 9-hole course.

Stansbery says once the wind dries it out, it’s time to clean.

“That’s another thing, we’ve got so many members willing to help, we had two of them out here while the water was coming up. Getting carts on trailers and getting them out of here for people,” said Stansbery.

However, for residents and drivers in North Cedar, the clean-up has just begun.

“We wanted to get out of here in case this happened,” said Tracie Sulentic as she surveyed the damage in her basement. A busted in window in her son’s room, unable to hold back the water.

The Sulentic family drying out after runoff from flooded fields filled their basement.

“It got to about right here, we realized it was hopeless so we just started pulling things out,” said Sulentic.

They said their neighbors have experienced some flooding in the past, but it has never got into their home.

“The farm field run-off is coming through, it just seems to get worse and worse every year. Something probably should be done about it.”

Taylor Vessel

Multimedia Reporter

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