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A late night stop turned into a nightmare for a mother

(CNN)–A North Carolina man has been arrested after he allegedly stole an SUV with two children inside. It happened late Saturday night when Gabriel Rand along with her children made a late night stop at a gas station. She got out of the car, ran inside the convenience store, leaving her son, 7 and daughter, 3 behind in the backseat of the car.

As Rand was inside purchasing gas with cash Brian Keith Allen, 22 approached her Tahoe truck. Then, Allen and Rand locked eyes as his hand rest steady on her car door. She began to scream and plead with the stranger not to do the inevitable, but he does it anyway. Allen jumped in and drove off.

Meanwhile, as she watches her truck leave the parking lot of the Han-Dee Hugo’s gas station Rand yells, “My babies [are] in the truck! My babies [are] in the truck! My babies are in there.”

According to Clayton Police, the driver had no idea the children were in the backseat until they screamed. Allen used Rand’s cellphone as he drove to make a call. He dialed the last number in the call log, which happen to be the children’s father, Lamont Austin.

Austin eventually convinced the driver to give an address not far from the gas station to drop off the kids. Allen agreed and when the police showed up they found the children unhurt. Allen was then arrested.

And, as for the mother, she has one message, “Take your babies. This was a lesson learned for me. Take your babies with you. If you’ve got to unbuckle the car seat 30 times, you’re just gonna’ have to.”


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