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Police say drivers will be issued ticket if they fail to clear ice off car windows

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KWWL) — While you’re rushing out of the door in the morning to get to work or take your kids to school, you might not be thinking about the extra time it will take to scrape ice off of your car windows. Police say if you fail to do so, you can be pulled over.

Dubuque police officer Joe Messerich says that drivers can face steep fees if they do not abide by this law.

“So what it falls under is the windshield and windows section of Iowa code and essentially if you don’t have a windshield that permits clear view, you can be subject to a 50 dollar fine, but by the time you tack on surcharges and court costs you’re looking at about a 127 dollar ticket. So it can get pricey.”

Although police say they are certainly not out to make your winter any more miserable, they do have certain reasons for enforcing this code.

“It takes longer for us to stop when its slick and snowy out so reaction time is key. We need as much reaction time as possible so we can react to threats that pop out in front of us. If you have a limited field of view, if you can’t see that well out your window that’s gonna take you that much longer to see a threat and it’s gonna take you that much longer to react to it.”

While there is not a certain code for clearing snow off of the roof of your car, Officer Messerich says this can also make for dangerous driving conditions. If the snow from your roof blows onto the windshield of a car driving behind you, this can eliminate visibility for that driver.

Officer Messerich also reminds people to refill their windshield wiper fluid as drivers tend to use more in the winter. He says the salt and other grime from the roads can stick to your windshield and cause visibility issues.

Cori Hanna

Today in Iowa reporter

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