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Weekend Winter Storms

I received many comments this week about how it seems to snow a lot on the weekends this winter season. Here are the numbers to support that claim.

Since December 1st, we’ve had 11 weekends. Out of those 11 weekends, seven of those have seen a trace of snow or more in Waterloo. Five of those weekends Waterloo saw accumulating snow (more than a trace). Those dates include:

February 10th: 2.1″

January 26-27: 4.7″

January 19th: 0.5″

January 12-13: 2.7″

December 2nd: 1.1″

The calendar graphics below show all the snow days this season in Waterloo along with the monthly totals and averages.

More numbers:

Out of the 77 days so far this winter season, it has snowed (trace or more) on 37 of those days. We had accumulating snow (more than a trace) on 22 of those days.

Check out this other post on Schnack’s blog for our yearly totals so far (as of 2/13).

Denice Pelster


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