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Lots of snow+strong winds=big snow drifts

This is what it looks like in the open country this evening. Roads have snow drifts across them. This is C-24 or Kornhill Road between Fayette and Wadena. (Lisa Roberts)

This county road is in Vinton. There is a road under that snow straight ahead. (Tricia Boynton)

Yes there is a road there. It is just covered by snow drifts. Big snow drifts. It is located near Dysart. The road is parallel to those utility lines. (Misty Hanus)

This is outside of Ossian/Castalia. (Kassia Zweibohmer). There is road where you can see footsteps in the snow. Still snowed in.

Highway 218 from Highway 30 to Vinton has was closed Tuesday night and through much of Wednesday. (Laura Marentic)

Mark Schnackenberg

Chief Meteorologist

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