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Measles outbreak strikes up vaccine conversation again

(CNN) – A teenager in Ohio is taking matters into his own hands when it comes to vaccinations.

CNN reports 18-year-old Ethan Lindenberger grew up in a household where his parents were against vaccinations.  Now that he’s of legal age, he decided he would make his own health decisions.

Lindenberger says he made the decision after a conversation with his parents, who considered vaccines to be a part of a government scheme.

Vaccines have always been a heavy topic for parents.  Although some people believe your body has everything it needs to survive without modern medicine, many doctors and experts say vaccinations are the key to ending the spread of contagious diseases.  Ethan agreed.

Lindenberger researched thoroughly about vaccinations and, in December, was vaccinated for influenza, hepatitis, tetanus and HPV.

Following the current measles outbreak across the U.S., many other teens are also questioning their health upbringing.

The measles outbreak is in ten states.  In all of the over 100 cases, none of those affected had received the measles vaccination.  54 of the cases are in Washington.  The governor has declared a public health emergency.


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