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Waterloo radio station to start playing music from Bosnia

WATERLOO, Iowa – There’s an addition to the airwaves here in eastern Iowa, and it’s aimed to serve a growing community of people in the area.

KBBG  FM 88.1 is a radio station that’s focused on “local” and  on serving Waterloo.

President Deborah Berry says, “When KBBG was created, it was to serve this community, and so far we’ve realized that our community has grown tremendously in terms of diversity.”

The radio station says they’ve noticed a growing number of people in the Waterloo community are from Bosnia.

Program Director Joe Organist says, “It appears that actually of the cities with 100,000 or less, we probably have the largest Bosnian population.”

KBBG 88.1 wants to start playing music from Bosnia on their station.

Organist says, “I think it would be really special, and it would show that our community is accepting and that they have a voice on the air.”

Allen Robinson, chief information officer for Afro American Community Broadcasting, says, “We want to learn about their culture, just like they’ve had to learn and embrace and understand our culture coming into this area.”

KBBG would also like to start a show on their station, catered to the Bosnian community. That’s where YOU come in! They’re looking for a host for the show. If you are interested, or know anyone who may be interested, click here.

Click here for their website.

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Office: 319 235 1515

Fax: 319 234 6182

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