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Linn County Sheriff’s Office warns of new phone scam

LINN COUNTY, Iowa (KWWL) – The Linn County Sheriff’s Office is warning against a scam they’ve received reports of, which names a judge over phone calls. Here’s how Linn County Sheriff Brian D. Gardner says the scam is reported to unfold:

[R]ecorded phone calls, allegedly coming from the Linn County Sheriff’s Office and even erroneously appearing to be from our actual phone number, stating that “Judge Strand” has issued a failure to appear warrant for their arrest for missing grand jury duty. They are told that they can call a phone number to have a deputy come and arrest them or they can go to Hy-Vee and purchase gift cards to avoid arrest. They are then told to call the phone number to make arrangements to get the gift cards to the Sheriff’s Office, thus avoiding arrest. The number that they are told to call is 319-382-7808. When calling this phone number, they receive another automated recorded message purporting to be from the Sheriff’s Office and they are prompted to leave a message, presumably to arrange for the mailing of the gift cards.” 

Sheriff Gardner goes onto note these calls are scams targeted at stealing from eastern Iowans, according to a release on the reports. He says the number victims are told to call is not a Sheriff’s Office phone number, even though a message on the line says it comes from the office.

Sheriff Gardner says anyone with questions about calls of this nature can call law enforcement, through correct numbers listed either in phone books or internet searches. You can also visit the Linn County Sheriff’s Office webpage for correct contact information.

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