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Cedar Falls adding surveillance cameras, lights to College Hill after recent shooting

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – Cedar Falls is planning on making changes to a popular nightlife area after a recent shooting.

Two teenagers  were injured when a suspect shot at them near the intersection of College Street and 22nd Street. This happened last week on the first day of 2019.

Police tell us today that the individuals involved in the shooting have connections to gangs. This was not random. The suspect still has not been arrested.

Today, the Cedar Falls Mayor, councilmen, and police met with area business owners to focus on improving safety in the area.

Police say College Street, more commonly known as “The Hill,” is still a very safe and important part of this community, but it’s necessary to have this conversation after recent incidents.

At Chad’s Pizza, Alex Funke says, “A big thing from today was communication. That was a big thing. Everyone needs to communicate more with police, the managers and the workers. If you see something, say something. Don’t hold back.”

Cedar Falls Police said they plan on adding around 10 new surveillance cameras to College Street and to nearby roads and parking lots. They also talked about additional lighting in the area. They’d like to add some street lights and brighten some of the street lights that are already there.

Police have a meeting next Tuesday, where they’ll be taking the next steps towards adding surveillance cameras. They are still figuring out how much this will cost and when they’ll be presenting final plans to city council.

Cedar Falls police will be meeting with businesses on Main Street as well.

Amanda Gilbert

Multimedia Journalist

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