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New Year, New Voter I.D. laws taking effect

Iowa (KWWL) — With the New Year, changes in Iowa’s Voter I.D. law are coming into effect, this comes after the legislature passed stricter guidelines back in 2017.

November’s 2018 mid-term elections was a glimpse at what is now law for voting in Iowa.

Back in 2018 Johnson County Auditor, Travis Weipert spoke about some of those changes, “If show up at the poll without an ID you can still vote but you’ll have to sign an oath.”

Not anymore, 2019 is officially the year Iowa voters will need an ID to cast a ballot.

According to Iowa Secretary of State a valid ID can be an Iowa Driver’s License, Iowa Non-Operator’s ID, Military ID, U.S. Passport, Tribal ID, Veteran’s ID, and of course a Voter ID Card.

You should’ve already gotten one in the mail if you’re a registered voter, who isn’t listed as already having an Iowa I.D. About 6% of Iowa voters fall into that category. The Secretary of State’s Office already sent out 123,000 voter ID cards at the beginning of December, a cost of about $79,000.

If you show up without an I.D., you’ll be offered a provisional ballot and have until the Monday after the election day to provide identification.

“2019 is going to be the first year that ID is going to be really critical,” said Weipert.

Iowans will also need to prove residency if you’ve moved since registering to vote. You can do this by providing something like a paycheck, utility bills, or lease. However, it must’ve been issued within 45 days and have your current name and address on it.

If you didn’t register to vote, you’ll have to prove both residency and identity to make your vote count. Iowans can still register to vote at the polls.

If you are one of those Iowans without an I.D. and you’re registered to vote, you should’ve received your voter I.D. in the mail by now.

If you have not, contact your county auditor.

More information on voting and voter I.D. laws can be found on the Iowa Secretary of State’s website.

Ashley Neighbor

Reporter, Cedar Rapids

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