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Sundown Mountain completely open despite dry winter

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KWWL) — The wintry weather mix and snow flurries was a welcome sight for Sundown Mountain Ski Resort after a fairly dry season.
The ground is covered and the trails are open. Employees at Sundown are making the best of a dry year by making their own snow said Operations Manager, Mark Gordon, “What we’re standing on right now is almost entirely a product of our own snow making. We have snow makers that come in at night and you can see all the snow guns around here, they’re going to go crazy here in about 24 hours.”

Families were already busy taking advantage. Even a group of young boys, who weren’t here for any bunny hills. One boy said he comes every year for the jumps and ramps. Which Sundown has plenty of, often hosting tournaments and installing a time trial for people to use.

The rain put a damper on the morning but as the temperatures dropped, sleet arrived and then the snow slowly began to appear. Which was a welcome sight said three Waterloo friends.
“Right now it’s not as good as it would be like next month when they’re actual snow, so it’s a little tricky going down some runs but it’s good other than that,” said Grace Harms, who was at the mountain for the second time this year.
The group tries to come as often as they can, to make memories and get out of the house
“It’s something you can do forever, said Caleb Dekoster, “We see old guys go down it, we see young kids go down it, something that you can do with your friends forever.” “It’s always a good laugh,” said Harms, “Especially when you … ” “Wipe out, which I did plenty of,” said Katelyn Dekoster
Even if you don’t know how to ski or snowboard they have classes here to help you get down the slopes and rentals for those without gear.

Overall, the mountain fairing well with all 21 trials open for shredding, with more snow to come.
“We’re going to make a ton more tomorrow morning and I think by next weekend it’s going to be great. We’re looking for some good temperatures, and I think this weekend we’ll have several thousand people out here skiing,” said Gordon.
Sundown Mountain is open until March. They keep updated snow reports on their website, so you can see what to expect before heading out.

Ashley Neighbor

Reporter, Cedar Rapids

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