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Zanotti Armor’s gun safes are unique and in high demand

(Waterloo, Iowa KWWL)  All he really wanted to do was find a safe place for his guns.

So, Mark Zanotti founded Zanotti Armor some 30 years ago.

About a year ago, Zanotti sold his company to two successful Cedar Valley businessmen, Mike Kuebler and Skeet Miehe.

The new owners are carrying on the legacy of Zanotti Armor and hope to expand the business in the near future.

The company makes unique gun safes which are sold around the world.  Among the customers are avid gun collectors, law enforcement agencies and even the United States Military.

The safes are unique, in that they are modular in nature and assembled where ever the customer desires.

Founder, Mark Zanotti, and new co-owner, Mike Kuebler, talked about the business on Sunday’s edition of The Steele Report.


Ron Steele

Evening Anchor

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