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Salvation Army needs more donations to reach holiday goal

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) – While the bell ringing has stopped for the season, that doesn’t mean you have to stop giving.

The Salvation Army says they’ll keep striving for their goal of $631,000, but right they’re still coming up short.

“The goal was $631,000 and we still have $195,000 to go,” said Grace Fee with the Salvation Army.

Fee says they’re still reaching for that goal in multiple ways.

“So our Christmas goal is comprised of three different types of revenue. So the kettles are the most prominent, then there’s the mail appeal, and then just whatever happens to walk through the door,” said Fee.

Then, there’s the mystery donor who gives gold coins.

“This has been going on for the last 6 or 7 years in the cedar valley. A donor, or donors, we don’t know, it’s totally anonymous, have been dropping 1-ounce double eagle gold coins in the kettle every year.”

Every year 12 gold coins are dropped in kettles in the cedar valley – sometimes alone — sometimes with notes – thought to be inspired by the twelve days of Christmas.

“We never expect it, we’re always surprised to see it, we always love to see it, and they did show up with a bonus coin this year so that was super exciting for us,” said Fee.

Fee says they receive specialty gifts every year, but in her mind every donation is like gold.

“The 2,453 pennies that a lady brought to the kettles this year and donated is just as much a blessing to us as the gold coins. We’re just incredibly grateful and blessed by all of the gifts of the community,” said Fee.

Right now an ounce of gold goes has a market value of about $1,200.
The Salvation Army will publicly auction off all the coins sometime next month, which should add around $20,000 to what they still need.

The collection for this particular goal will continue until the end of January.

You can donate by going to their website here. You can also send a donation to their office at PO Box 867 Waterloo, IA 50704.

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Taylor Vessel

Multimedia Reporter

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