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New Year’s Eve firework laws for Linn and Johnson County

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL) — With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, many eastern Iowans will be celebrating 2019.  But not many will be able to do that with fireworks.

The state of Iowa legalized fireworks in the summer of 2017. However, after much controversy, many communities have created their own laws regulating their use.

If you see fireworks on News Year’s Eve, chances are, they’re probably illegal.

Cedar Rapids finalized he ban on using fireworks on December 5, after much deliberation and public outcry at city council and public safety meetings.

One resident, Jean Kirby, spoke out this summer at a meeting discussing the impact of fireworks.

“It’s hard on people having all of that noise.  It’s hard on animals.  The pollution that Steve Hershner mentioned, that’s really concerning because a lot of people due have respiratory issues. All of that stuff hanging in the air, that’s nasty. I had to keep my house closed up a lot of the time,” said Kirby.

At the time, city council said they had never received so many emails on one topic.

In an effort to discourage people, Cedar Rapids Police are issuing fines up to $625.

They’re also illegal in Iowa City, and shooting them off carries a minimum fine of $250.

What about outside the city limits in the counties?

In Johnson County, it’s a no. Unless you apply for a permit with the board of supervisors 14 days in advance.

Solon, which is one of the few Johnson County cities to permit fireworks during the 4th of July, does not allow them on New Year’s Eve.

Linn County however, follows state law. Which means property owners have the go-ahead to use them starting at 9 a.m. on December 31st and on the weekend after. However, you must own the property or have explicit permission.

Here is a break-down for Black Hawk County residents.

If you’re unsure where you live, contact your local law enforcement agency.

If you want to catch a legal, professional show there will be two in Iowa City. One at the Hancher Auditorium and another will be at Big Grove Brewery.

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Ashley Neighbor

Reporter, Cedar Rapids

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