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Riverwalk stocking up for Iowa State invasion

The full Cyclone invasion has yet to hit San Antonio’s River Walk, but when it does it’s going to hit hard.

“I know this. I know the cardinal and gold will infiltrate fast,” says Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell.

They showed that last year by bringing over 25,000 faithful to Memphis. It’s something the Alamo Bowl committee noticed.

“We sat down with the Liberty Bowl folks,” says bowl vice president of marketing Rick Hill, “and they said if you ever have the chance to pick Iowa State, look at them hard.”

It’s no secret when Cyclones go bowling there better be beer, and lots of it.

As Memphis bar owner and former wrestling star Jerry the King Lawler told WHO-TV last year, not just any beer.

“The only problem was they drank us out of Busch Light beer,” says Lawler, “In Memphis, Tennessee, no one had even heard of Busch Light beer.”

The Alamo Bowl took notice from creating a t-shirt with a logo eerily similar to that of the Busch Light logo, to the bowl CEO posing for a tweet can in hand, to a tweeted video of someone cracking open a cold one in an empty Alamo Dome.

“All year long we’re planning for a bowl game and how to cater to people from out of town,” says Hill, “and we kind of go where they led us, and Iowa State fans led us to Busch Light.”

Fans, yes, their head Coach, maybe he hasn’t been in Iowa long enough yet.

“No,” said Campbell after asking if he’d been indoctrinated in to Busch Light culture, “You know I get it for sure, but I certainly understand it. That’s probably the best way to put it.”

Mark Woodley

KWWL-TV Sports Anchor

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