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Banned UI frat linked to hazing allegations of body slamming, hot sauce in eyes and forced drinking

IOWA CITY, Ia (KWWL ) — Body slamming, hot sauce in eyes and forcing underage students to binge drink are some of the allegations outlined in an email that led to a University of Iowa fraternity to be kicked off campus.

An email from the university’s office of the dean of students to the chapter president of Kappa Sigma fraternity outlined the allegations of hazing in detail.

The university said a two-month investigation found the troubling details to be true.

“We have high expectations for how we are responsible for the student’s health, safety and well-being and that is something we will not compromise,” UI Vice President for Student Life Melissa Shivers said in a press conference, Thursday night.

It was at that press conference that Shivers delivered the news that four fraternities had been de-registered as student organizations due to hazing and alcohol violations.

Shivers did not immediately go into detail about the accusations. Later the university provided email correspondents to each of the chapters.

In the letter to Kappa Sigma’s chapter president, it outlined the allegations of what happened.

“Certainly this is not an ideal place for us to be. Again, the fraternity and sorority system at Iowa is a storied one. It’s an important one. When fraternity and sorority life is done well, it can be exceptional,” Shivers said Thursday.

Kappa Sigma has until January 11 to appeal the decision. If the appeal fails, the fraternity would not be allowed back on campus for a minimum of four years.

The same can be said for the three other fraternities that were kicked off campus: Delta Chi, Sigma Nu and Sigma Alpha Epsilon colony.

These closures affect about 400 students in total.

New pledges from the disbanded fraternities still have the opportunity to join a different fraternity. The frat houses are privately owned so the students can still live there if the owners allow.

In Kappa Sigma’s case, the international organization behind the fraternity also voted to revoke the chapter.

“..after receiving reports that the Chapter had participated in activities that did not reflect the values of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. The values of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity are established upon Fellowship, Leadership. Scholarship and Service,” Kappa Sigma Fraternity Executive Director Mitchell B. Wilson said in part in a statement.

Jalyn Souchek


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