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Secretary of State releases statement on District 55 race

WINNESHIEK COUNTY, Iowa (KWWL) – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate has issued a statement on the House District 55 election.

He says, “There is a lot of misinformation being pushed out in the media by political partisans about the Iowa House District 55 election. Here are the facts.

Thirty-three ballots in Winneshiek County arrived after Election Day, without postmarks and without the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) imprinted by the county auditor and authorized by Iowa law. Therefore, they are not eligible to be counted under Iowa law.

Every absentee ballot envelope in Iowa includes a clear disclaimer that “POSTMARKS ARE NOT GUARANTEED.”

Pate continues to say he, and the Winneshiek County Auditor, have complied with the district court order in all respects.

He says, under the law, Koether has a right to file an election contest.


Old Story: 29 of the 33 ballots in question for the House District 55 race were mailed in time. Further action will take place to determine whether they will be counted.

Democratic candidate Kayla Koether won a court ruling earlier this week that gave her the right to determine whether the absentee ballots were mailed on time.

Incumbent republican Michael Bergan leads Koether by just nine votes in the district.

DJ Stewart

News Content Producer

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