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Eagle Scout helps local hospital

BLACK HAWK COUNTY, Iowa (KWWL) — A local teen wants to ease people’s minds who at the hospital by giving them something to read. Using skills he learned in Boy Scouts, Beau Andersen built 10 lending libraries.

Friday, KWWL caught up with Beau and asked him why he’s stuck with the scouts for so long.

“That goes back to my grandpa, because he really pushed me before he passed away,” Beau said.

His grandfather promised Beau’s scoutmaster that Beau would one day be an Eagle Scout.

“He made Steve Sesterhenn a promise that I got my Eagle Scout. So there was Steve pushing on me, there was my grandma pushing on me, my grandpa pushing on me, my family members pushing on me to get it. So I just went with it,” said Beau.

As humble as he is talented, Beau said the original idea was Joyce Coil’s.

“I think you’re underestimating yourself when it comes to talking about it,” Coil said when Beau described his work in the project.

Working with Allen Foundation, Coil suggested Beau build little lending libraries for Allen hospital waiting room.

“It took a lot of planning, and these weren’t little, lightweight houses. They’re substantial, they’re going to make a big impact once they’re installed,” said Coil

With the help of his fellow scouts, three libraries sit in the waiting rooms at Allen, providing patients and visitors a chance to distract themselves from where they are.

“Sometimes you need to just calm down and read a book,” said Beau.

KWWL asked Beau what his grandpa would think about his project.

“He’d be really proud. If he was here he’d be helping me with everything and he’d probably be here sitting,” said Beau.

While he wasn’t sitting next to Beau during the interview, he was surely there in spirit.

Beau said not all the houses are out yet because they still need some more books, so he encourages everyone to donate.

You can contact the Allen Foundation by clicking here.

Taylor Vessel

Multimedia Reporter

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