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Donations pour into Iowa library after man checks out, burns LGBTQ books

People in eastern Iowa are binding together after books are burned in Iowa.

A man in Northwest Iowa burned children’s stories that have LGBTQ themes.

He went live on Facebook while doing this, and he said these books should not be read to children.

Paul Dorr burned four books and a dress. In the video on Facebook, you can see him throwing them into a burning trash can. He says these are books he checked out from the Orange City Public Library.

Many Iowans have seen the video, like Denver man Justin Scott.

“I’m thinking you have to be kidding me. It’s one thing in this day and age to have harsh feelings, but it’s another thing to take a step like that,” Scott says.

Scott and others have started fundraising to help the Orange City library replace the books.

“I don’t know why anyone would try to burn books. Why are we doing this in 2018?”

So far, people from all over, with different faiths, have donated to help the library.

The library says the books’ due date hasn’t happened yet, so they’re not commenting on whether or not they’ll press charges for ruined property.

KWWL did reach out to Paul Dorr on Facebook, where he posted the video, but he has not yet responded.

Dorr is a director of the group, Rescue The Perishing.

So far, the fundraisers for the library have raised so much money, way more than is needed to replace the ruined books, that the library is now suggesting some of the money be used to help other libraries or LGBTQ organizations.

Click here for one of the fundraisers.  Click here for another fundraiser that has been organized by Justin Scott.

Amanda Gilbert

Multimedia Journalist

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