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Big Brothers Big Sisters teams with KWWL’s Abby Turpin for initiative to find mentors

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa recently named KWWL’s Abby Turpin their Celebrity Ambassador.  With that, Abby and the BBBSNEIA leadership have come up with a new initiative to help get the word out about the need for mentors for youth in northeast Iowa, and also feature the impact just one mentor has on a youth in our area.

Once a month, Abby will write a feature for the KWWL website called “Waiting for My Mentor.”  This will be a youth in the area who is still waiting for a mentor to sign up to be a Big.  The need to mentors is great in our area, and the hope is that seeing the actual face and hearing the story of a Little who is still on the waiting list might inspire someone to come forward and make a difference in their life.

Also once a month, Abby will write a feature called “Abby’s Little of the Month.”  This is a youth who has already been successfully matched with a mentor in the area.  You will be able to learn more about the impact having a mentor has had in that Little’s life, including how often they meet each month, some of the activities they do, and what that Little has accomplished thanks to their Big taking the time to be a mentor.

KWWL hopes this partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa makes a huge impact in the community now and, moreso, in the future. The youth who are able to experience a mentorship at this time in their life will be the leaders of the Cedar Valley community in years to come.  The work we do today together is extremely important.

“The proof is there.  Studies show the impact a mentor has.  Kids who are guided by a mentor tend to avoid risky behaviors and also achieve more personally and academically,” said Turpin.  “The benefits are numerous, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa only needs a few hours of a mentor’s time a month to make that difference.”

Abby Turpin is also an honorary member of their Board of Directors.  If you need more information on how to get involved with BBBSNEIA, contact Abby at or through her Facebook page.

Have a few hours a month to make a lasting impacting on a youth’s life?  Sign-up to be a Big today here.

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