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TRACKING: A few showers this weekend

It has been a cloudy day with temperatures in the low to mid 50s. Little to know wind made it fell like a nice fall day. Dry air over eastern Iowa has kept any of the light rain in the western part of the state.
The dry air is going to remain over the area through Friday with only a sprinkle or a stray shower possible. High temperatures Friday are again in the low to mid 50s with little to no wind.

Clouds continue into Saturday with a potential for a few rays of sunshine. A sprinkle or stray shower is still possible, but most places are dry. Low pressure will track southeast Saturday night bringing a chance of showers to the area into Sunday morning. We will have a gusty northwest wind Sunday as the low moves east of Iowa. The wind diminishes Sunday evening.

The map below shows rain amounts to be less than 1/2 inch through Sunday evening. Most if not all of this rain potential will be Saturday night into Sunday morning.

HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FRIDAY: Cloudy with temperatures in the 40s and little to no wind. A sprinkle or stray shower is possible.

HALLOWEEN: Partly cloudy with highs in the low 50s. During the evening hours temperatures drop into the 40s with a NW wind about 5-10 mph.

Mark Schnackenberg

Chief Meteorologist

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