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Big Brothers Big Sisters rolls out new logo

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) – The Big Brothers Big Sisters of America organization has rolled out a new logo.  The organization calls the rebranding the “new” Big Brothers Big Sisters, working to defend every child’s potential.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa is excited about this new campaign moving forward.

Old logo on the left, new logo on the right

“Some people thought the old logo suggested services only to young children or for child care, or messaging targeted mainly to women. On the other hand we believe the new logo has very clear brand recognition,” said Jody Hartz, interim CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa.

Hartz said the organization left behind the purple logo to go to a black, white and electric green B.  It’s meant to communicate energy and strength, and hopes to especially reach out to the men who are needed as Bigs.

As with most rebranding projects, tremendous time and thought went in to developing the new logo.  They explain it on their website as follows:


Our logo is a letterform that tells our story. The story of an organization that creates connections that matter.The “B” is a powerful symbol of the real-life match.   LOWERCASE B

This idea represents the story of a Little and their parents or guardians aligning with our organization to build momentum toward reaching their full potential. The elements of the lowercase b stand as a powerful symbol but do not tell the complete story.


With the addition of Bigs, the equal parts create meaningful intersection. As the upper piece of the B is added, the relationship balances and becomes stronger and bigger.

“Our new brand helps to keep the focus on each child’s potential, along with our role as adults to defend and inspire their potential to become possible,” said Hartz.  “Mentoring means empowerment of a big and bright future for the youth in our midst.”

Visit the Big Brothers Big Sister website to learn more.

Abby Turpin

Evening Anchor

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