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UI National Advanced Driving Simulator facility celebrates 20 years

The University of Iowa’s acclaimed National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS) held an open house on Wednesday to celebrate 20 years of research.

The celebration comes just in time as some of the facilities long-time research projects take the roadways. NADS Director Dr. Daniel McGehee said the research generally works 20 years ahead of time.

“The exciting thing is the technology that is in cars today, in the 2018 model year, over the last 20 years, almost all of them have come through the University of Iowa part of their research and development journey. So, work that we were doing 20 years ago is now in that Toyota Corolla, in that Honda Civic, in that Ford Focus. So, it’s exciting to go into a car and say, ‘I worked on that’,” McGehee said.

NADS provides research for the auto industry and the government. Currently, they’re one of the facilities testing automated cars which McGehee said is the future of driving.

Prior to the start of the open house, 60 elementary students got a tour of the facilities part of the Johnson County STEMfest. They also got a chance to jump behind the wheel of the simulators NADS uses for research.

McGehee said part of their mission is community engagement.

Jalyn Souchek


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