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Johnson County reports absentee ballot issues & scam calls

The Johnson County Auditor’s Office says they’ve received multiple reports of voters receiving absentee ballot requests with incorrect return addresses.

They’re reminding everyone, if you get an unsolicited absentee request by mail, make sure the return address is to the correct county auditor before mailing it in.

The inaccurate mailing was sent by the Center for Voter Information.

The Johnson County Auditor’s Office says they’ve also received reports of voters in another state getting deceptive and inaccurate phone calls about how to register to vote.

They want to remind everyone, the only ways an Iowan can register without signing a piece of paper are when getting or updating a driver’s license or non-driver ID, or visiting and registering online.

Reports say voters in other states are getting phone calls that collect information, tell them they are now registered to vote, and promise them an absentee ballot in the mail. The callers are claiming to be part of the group TurboVote.
TurboVote is a legitimate service, but they don’t tell voters they can register by phone. They mail forms to voters, tells them to sign the forms and send them to their county auditor. This is the correct procedure.
If you receive reports of these activities, contact your local county auditor’s office.

Sara Belmont

Assistant News Director

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