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Mt. Trashmore closes due to vandalism, erosion

It only took a week after opening for Mount Trashmore to close because of vandalism and an excess of rain.

The Cedar Rapids Linn County Solid Waste Agency had to close the trails leading up to the overlook for several days due to four inches of rain causing the trails to be too wet. Added erosion damage had them expecting to close for several additional days.

Adding to solid waste agency’s damage, they say vandals broke in overnight and vandalized the overlook pillars and benches with spray paint. Mt. Trashmore, they say, will be not be reopened until the vandalized is removed.

"We are disappointed this happened. As our board chair Susie Weinacht said, “I believe this not reflective of the community we wish to be. Together we can create the future we wish to see for this beautiful space," a Facebook post read.


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