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September is Hunger Action Month; see the full schedule of events

September is Hunger Action Month across the U.S., and you can help in the fight against hunger by taking part in numerous events planned by the Northeast Iowa Food Bank and the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks.

46 million Americans, including 13 million children, are food insecure.  This month is designed to inspire people to take action and raise awareness of the fact that there are millions of Americans who don’t know where their next meal will be coming from, or if it’s coming at all.

“In urban areas and rural areas, from Decorah to Montezuma and everywhere in between, hunger continues to take a toll on northeast Iowa,” said Barbara Prather, Executive Director of the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. “Without access to enough food, over 45,000 northeast Iowans will be unable to reach their full potential; including over 14,000 hungry children, who cannot grow, succeed or learn on an empty stomach.”

A full calendar for the month can be found here.  Among the biggest events are the Stone Soul Picnic on Sunday, September 9, and the Cedar Valley Sack Lunch Delivery on September 27 and 28. 

Visit the Northeast Iowa Food Bank’s Facebook page and website to learn more about the month and all of their efforts in the community.


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