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New Information: Meeting about medical marijuana dispensary coming to Waterloo

Iowa is just a few months away from opening its first licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

One of the cities getting a dispensary is Waterloo. Tonight there was a forum at the Grout Museum about Iowa’s medical cannabis program. 

The meeting was led by General Manager Lucas Nelson, who is with MedPharm Iowa. 

At the meeting, they said the dispensaries will be open to the public starting December 1st of this year. 

The people who are interested in using these dispensaries need to look into applying for a medical registration card. You need an MD or a DO to certify your condition in order to get a card. Your doctor will not be prescribing your product. 

There are nine conditions that the state of Iowa has approved for medical marijuana treatment. 

MedPharm said it’s important to note that the dispensary coming to Waterloo will not be selling any kind of vaporization, edibles or smoking products. 

On average, a 30-day supply from this store could cost around $40 to $50 or more than $150. 

At the end of the meeting, Nelson said, "Knowing that we’re going to deliver benefits to some people that might not have a lot of hope, that is what keeps us going." 

He says this to anyone who is still skeptical about the dispensary coming to Waterloo, "This is the kind of basement grow or joints that some people associate with marijuana. These are medical products that are delivered in a medical way." 


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