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Janesville couple looking for solution from neighboring pond

What was supposed to be their forever home has become somewhat of an ongoing nightmare.

“We’re weary. That’s the word,” said Mary Loy

Every day when Paul and Mary Loy look out their living room window, they see a large water detention pond right at the corner of their property. The pond was supposed to solve issues with the storm water, but it’s how it was built that is causing the Loy’s problems.

"The longer is goes on… I get so angry I could just walk out of my house and let them have the house,” Mary Loy said.

Since moving into the home almost 5 years ago, they say they have dealt with a myriad of issues that all began with a storm drain that eventually became a detention pond. While the pond is not sitting on their property, the berm holding it together actually does.

KWWL spoke with Janesville City Attorney Gary Boveia. He said the city has been working with the Loys and the developers to come to an agreement.

"One of the provision in the agreement is that they would, in fact, contour and slope the landscaping from the detention basin on to lot 7 in such a manner it would be attractive,” he said. However, he said the landscaping hasn’t been done and the city engineer is not going to sign off on the project until it is.

For now, the Loys look at what was once a part of their yard and wait for answers.

"You wake up at night and that’s what you think about,” Mary Loy said, “You get up in the morning, you look out the window and that’s what you look at."

KWWL did reach out to the developer of the subdivision for comment on a projected completion of the detention pond, but did not hear back prior to deadline.


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