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Waterloo neighborhood catches thief on camera multiple times

Neighbors are connecting in one Waterloo neighborhood, but it’s an unfortunate series of events by a thief that brings them together.  A string of thefts and attempted thefts are being reported in the Kingsley neighborhood of Waterloo.

Here is a list of those reported:

– According to witness accounts, the first time the suspect was caught on camera was Thursday, August 23, at around 12:30 a.m.  A resident on Columbia Circle, who has their house protected with cameras, noticed a camera detected motion.  In the video, a man checks vehicle door handles, appearing to see if they are unlocked.  The cars were locked, fortunately, and he doesn’t break into the vehicles.

– That same resident reported to KWWL that, after word got out about the theft, they were contacted by a neighbor down the street.  That person reported they had left her car unlocked the night before, and a bag with a wallet inside was taken. 

– Also on August 23, a bike with a flat front tire was taken from a home on the corner of W. 3rd St. and Marsh in the Church Row area near Kingsley. 

– On Thursday, August 23 and Friday, August 24, strange activity around cars is reported in the 200 block of Sunset Rd., in the alley behind the homes.  A suspect visits the alley three times. Once at 10:30 pm, then the same individual came back around midnight, and returned again around 2 a.m.  All three times he is caught on camera checking doors to see if they’re unlocked and looking into car windows.

– The bike thefts continue.  A theft is next caught on camera on the night of Friday, August 24 when, at approximately 8:45 p.m., a suspect who looks very similar to the one caught on the August 23 video walks up a driveway on Sheridan.  A motion light on this home came on, and the suspect grabbed a bike (a black Schwinn) that was near the home’s back door.  The vigilant residents saw the video almost immediately and contacted police.  The full video of the incident can be found here:  It’s entirely caught on camera.

– That same resident reports that a nearby neighbor contacted them shortly after.  Their Schwinn bike was now at that resident’s home, as the suspect dumped the Schwinn and took the neighbor’s bike, a silver Trek.

Residents KWWL has spoken to believe all incidents are connected with one suspect, but that hasn’t been confirmed. The description of the male suspect tends to match in all reports where the cameras were able to get a good shot of him.  He is a male, possibly in his 20s, has a slender build, with shorter hair.

Waterloo Police continue to investigate and this serves as a reminder to keep your doors locked at all times, garage doors shut, and any valuables out of plain view.

If you know who is responsible, you are urged to contact Waterloo Police immediately.  And, if you’re also a victim of theft or alleged thefts in the area, please also contact authorities if you haven’t done so already.


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