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Website launched in the search for Mollie Tibbetts

Investigators have now added a new tool to provide updates and receive tips on Mollie Tibbetts disappearance. 

On Monday, investigators revealed the launch of a website dedicated specifically to the search. On it, an interactive map highlights five locations of interest to investigators. 

"It will hopefully generate some ideas and thoughts. no specific reasons for those certain areas. but we are hoping people will look at the map and be able to jog their memories basically," said Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation Special Agent in Charge Richard Rahn. 

Locations on the site include 385th Avenue and the D and M Car Wash both in Brooklyn.  Investigators also highlighted the TA truck stop on highway 80 but not the Pilot Travel Center to the east. 

"I don’t have any specifics for it but I can tell you that is something we are looking into and keeping an open mind on. I know that Trafficking is something that’s discussed on a regular basis," said Rahn when asked if the area had a history of human trafficking. 

He also said releasing specific investigative details could jeopardize the integrity of the investigation. 

"I’m not going to mention who we’ve spoken to, you guys can come up with that conclusion if you want to but I’m going to release any names or information on the investigation itself, I’m just not going to do that." 

When asked whether or not investigators had executed a search warrant at the farm of Wayne Cheney, a man who says investigators have spoken to him several times, Rahn said he was reluctant to identify any persons of interest. 

For the website dedicated to finding Mollie click here.


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