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Weymiller sprints in to senior season at UNI

When you hear the other Panthers talk about Marcus Weymiller, it’s clear they have nothing but respect for the senior running back.

“He’s one of the hardest workers on our team,” says senior quarterback Eli Dunne. “He’s a workhorse. He’ll go get those extra yards.”

“He’s just a hard nosed guy,” agrees Cal Twait, senior offensive lineman and Weymiller’s roommate. “He’s going to run through people and run around people.

To UNI coach Mark Farley, Weymiller is much more than just a football player.”

“Marcus kind of carries the load of what UNI is,” says Farley, “not just UNI football. You could put him on the poster for UNI.”

For now, Weymiller is focused on making UNI a contender in the Missouri Valley. He’s coming off a season where he led the Panthers with more than 800 rushing yards and 8 touchdowns. He did it all with while playing on a pair of injured ankles. Now healthy, he has one last shot in the Purple and Gold –

“Knowing that everything is on the table, to get where we need to be I have to have great confidence,” says the senior running back, “and play pretty well.”

He’s also going to play a lot. Farley says Weymiller will line up at multiple positions in the UNI offense, and there could be some surprises.

“I’ll put him anywhere,” he says, “If you see him on defense, don’t be surprised.

Lining up on the other side of the ball would certainly be news to Marcus Weymiller –

“Now my mind’s kind of spinning, and I would not put it past him.”


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