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Riverside father sentenced to 9 years in daughter’s death & an additional 5 for drugs

 Anthony McCoy was sentenced to 14 years in prison today after pleading guilty to two counts of Child Endangerment and one count of Involuntary Manslaughter in the death of his daughter Avery McCoy. 

The 17-month-old child died in 2016 and weighed just 11 pounds at the time of her autopsy. 

The autopsy was inconclusive when it came to determining an exact cause of death. 

First to take the stand in court today was the defendant’s mother Maxine Gladney who vouched for his character. 

"He loves his family and his children," she said. 

McCoy later took the stand himself telling the court he has been depressed ever since his daughter died. 

He tearfully took responsibility when it came to Avery missing her doctors appointments. 

"I could’ve paid more attention and, and just took my daughter to the doctor and made sure I got to appointments and stuff," he said. 

McCoy told the court he relied on the child’s mother to get her to the appointments but he shouldn’t have. 

The defense pushed for supervised probation instead of prison time but the judge took into account past probation violations on McCoy’s record. 

Ultimately he was sentenced to 9 years in Avery’s death and then an additional 5 years for a separate drug offense for a total of 14 years. 

McCoy told the court he believes Avery’s mother Ambrashia Chrzan murdered her by suffocating her, but the state pointed out Avery’s autopsy which did not list suffocation as the cause of death. 

Chrzan was sentenced to 50 years in prison just last week in her daughter’s death. 


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