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When your child wants to give up

Similarities seem to resonate among parents. The same issues and challenges parents face today are found in many families all across Iowa.

Of course, there will always be variations on the theme, and often, more extreme cases than we realize or want to admit.  

But, when parents compare day to day notes, they often find that the neighbors down the street are also wondering if they’re doing this parenting thing the right way. Are they truly understanding what their children are going through and giving them the best opportunities to succeed, despite the obstacles.

The Iowa Foster and Adoptive Parents Association  works closely with Iowa parents.  The latest edition of IFAPA’s newsletter, The Weekly Word, has two articles which parents might enjoy and find helpful.

One is called ‘When your child wants to give up.’  The other, The Best way to help when your child ‘just doesn’t fit in.’

Here is a link to the newsletter:


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