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West Branch mom reports strange encounter for teenage daughters

A West Branch mom is warning others after her teenage daughters told her about an uncomfortable encounter they say they had with strangers driving a white van. 

Ever since the incident last Wednesday she says her daughters have been living in fear. 

 "They’re scared to go anywhere, I bought them pepper spray for when they do. They don’t even want to take the dog outside anymore or go on a walk," says Leila Dauenbaugh. 

She tells us her two daughters ages 17 and 15 went to the dentist office last Wednesday in West Branch before heading home to the family’s condo on Hilltop Drive. 

Moments later Dauenbaugh says the girls heard a knock on their door and looked out to a find a boy around the age of nine. 

"He said that he needed help finding a toy on the stairs and at first they thought you know they should help him but then something, they could hear two men standing around the corner," says Dauenbaugh. 

She tells us the voices coming from around the corner made her daughters feel like something wasn’t right so they declined to help the little boy. 

"They said they couldn’t help him they were sorry and after they said that he tried to pull the door open and get in and my daughter once he got the door open she slammed it front and locked the door," Dauenbaugh says. 

She explained as her daughters screamed they saw the men and boy run off and get into a white van. 

It’s something Dauenbaugh reported to West Branch Police who tell KWWL they have watched surveillance video and do not believe the girls were followed home from the dentist. 

While police are still investigating they say they don’t have a lot to go on and haven’t been able to tie a white van to the situation. 

The Department says the report came in six hours after it allegedly happened. 

Dauenbaugh posted about the incident on Facebook and it has been shared 16,000 times.  

She says her hope is sharing her family’s story will help others be more alert. 


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