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Toppling Goliath sues former head brewer now working at rival brewery

An Eastern Iowa brewer is being sued by his former employer for allegedly violating his non-compete agreement. 

Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. out of Decorah filed the lawsuit in hopes of stopping their former head brewer Chris Flenker from helping run Thew Brewing Company in Cedar Rapids which opened earlier this year. 

The company says Flenker agreed not to work for a rival business within 150 miles for two years. 

Flenker worked at Toppling Goliath until January of 2017. 

The company says Flenker had access to Toppling Goliath recipes and techniques and is using those for personal gain. 

We reached out to Flenker for comment and he referred us to his brother Travis Flenker who owns Thew. 

"The Iowa craft beer community is wonderful and we appreciate all of the positivity that has come our way since we opened. While we find it disappointing that TG has chosen to pursue this route, and we disagree with the assertions within their court filings, we will not forget the warm welcome so many have given us. As importantly, we will not let this distract us from achieving our mission to give back to the communities we touch," Travis told us. 

The lawsuit is seeking injunction to block Flenker from working at Thew. 


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