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Evansdale woman claims online service, “lost her husband’s remains”

An Evansdale woman, recently widowed, is claiming a company lost her husband’s remains. 

She’s also claiming the same company then, "held his ashes for ransom." 

Cornelia Butterfield says all she has left are her pets, after her husband, Ray Butterfield, died earlier this month. He died after a tough battle with cancer. 

"I met him 30 years ago, and it was meant to be. It was meant to be," Butterfield says. 

She tells KWWL she decided to use an online company, Heritage Cremation Provider, because she thought it would be less expensive than other traditional funeral companies. 

In the contract, Heritage Cremation Provider quoted Butterfield a cost of around $1,300 dollars. Days later, Butterfield says more charges were tacked on. The price went up around $500. 

"I was floored. I was like I’m sorry I can’t play along with this. It’s just inconceivable. I said no, I’m not going to pay you another penny. You need to return my husband’s ashes to me." 

Then Butterfield says this happened…

"I contacted the company to find out where my husband was, where is ashes were. They did not know. They did not know where my husband was. I was like you have got to be kidding me. Oh they said we don’t have the records in front of us right now. They came up with a million excuses."

She adds, "It was the worst weekend of my life. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep." 

Butterfield wound up getting help from the Evansdale Police Department and from a funeral director out of Colorado. Click here for the story out of Colorado about this. 

Earlier this week, they located her husband’s ashes in West Des Moines. They were delivered to Butterfield. 

KWWL searched online, and we found several complaints against Heritage Cremation Provider. 

There are several reviews on Yelp that say, "Terrible Service. Will take advantage of you."

One review says, "They refused to tell me where my dead grandmother was behind held."

This shows that Butterfield is not the only one upset with the company. 

The Evansdale Police Department says in general, it is important that people be careful when using online services like this. Make sure you do your research. 

Butterfield, in the meantime, was able to scatter her husband’s ashes. She’s holding tight to their memories they’ve created together. 

KWWL reached out to Heritage Cremation Provider multiple times to learn more about whether or not this was a miscommunication.  They did not return our calls. 


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