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Nashua police warn teens of predator Facebook account

A fake Facebook profile has sent multiple threatening messages to youth in Nashua City. 

The Nashua Police Department received multiple complaints of an account under the name "Tom Stanton".  Many are asked their age, and approached by the sender as if they know one another. 

Many of the messages end with a similar script, which threatens to hack the users account information if they do not follow the sender’s instructions.  One person interacted with the account past the threatening message, and was asked to send sexually explicit images.  The account threatened to blackmail the user with "dirt" they supposedly had on the person.

(See post below)

 No images were sent and the person immediately contacted the police. 

Police encourage families to talk about internet safety with their children.  They also warn against accepting friend requests from people that you do not know. 

If you have have any more information or have any interactions with the user and feel threatened, please contact Nashua Police immediately.


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