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FBI joins search of missing 20-year-old, Mollie Tibbetts

Investigators are still actively working to find a missing 20-year-old woman after she disappeared nearly a week ago.

Mollie Tibbetts, of Brooklyn, Iowa, went missing on July 18, after going for a nightly jog, something she did religiously. It was that night that she was last seen or heard from. Tibbetts is 5’2" and has long brown hair and brown eyes.

KWWL spoke with family of Tibbetts on Monday. Her aunt, Kim Calderwood said, "We are looking, we are doing everything we can and we will never stop…never."

On nearly every business and many of the cars in town are "Missing" posters for Tibbetts as investigators continue their search. Investigators say they are looking at the missing persons case also as a criminal one.

"Right now, everything is on the table and we’re treating this as suspicious because at the end of the day a 20-year-old young lady is missing and anybody in that age group, anymore, is so digitally connected and for someone to completely kind of fall off the grid like that," said Mitch Mortvedt, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Assistant Director of Field Operations.

Public searches for Tibbetts have since been called off, but Mortvedt said the search for her is still active and that the FBI was called in on Monday to help.

"We feel everything that could be searched has been searched. Part of the FBI’s tool box that they brought in was a whole host of man power that are highly trained in search," he said. "They’re going back through a lot of the areas that were searched previously."

Mortvedt said the investigation is also focusing on Tibbetts’ digital footprint. That includes a fit-bit Tibbetts would have been wearing during the night she disappeared.

"We’re combing through all types of digital evidence that Molly had and utilized. She’s 20 years old. She’s a college student. She’s well connected," he said.

Tibbetts was described as a creature of habit, going on nightly runs typically through three routes through town. A timeline of Tibbetts’ whereabouts prior to her disappearance has been developed, according to Mortvedt, who said they can’t share completely at this time.

FBI investigators and the DCI are also re-conducting interviews. Mortvedt said there are no suspects to suggest a criminal act at this time.

Meanwhile, volunteers in town like Jenny Fiebelkorn are continuing to work on getting Tibbetts’ face and information out. Volunteers have created yard signs, posters, car magnets, and buttons for Tibbetts.

"To get Mollie’s face out there, have somebody recognize her and get her home safe," Fiebelkorn said.

On Tuesday night, they were working to screen print 500 t-shirts that also have a photo of Tibbetts on them.

"People wherever they are in it their daily life can spread the word and have a conversation and get the information out there," she said.

Some of the shirts will be worn by a group of cyclists participating in RAGBRAI.

Fiebelkorn said they want people to continue sharing Tibbetts story and to say a prayer for her.

Anyone with information about Mollie Tibbetts is urged to call the Poweshiek County’s Sheriff Office at 641-623-5679 or email

Investigators say it’s sometimes the smallest bit of information that can make a difference.


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