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Dubuque murder suspect appears in court

Garry James made his initial appearance in court this morning. 

The 53-year-old is accused of killing 53-year-old Michelle Kinney inside her Iowa Street apartment Saturday night. 

Police say friends found Kinney early Monday morning. 

Today a judge decided to hold James on a $1 Million cash only bond considering him a flight risk with no ties to the community. 

James has no permanent address. 

At this time police aren’t sure how James and Kinney knew each other. 

According to the criminal complaint friends found Kinney naked on her kitchen floor covered in blood from multiple stab wounds. 

Officers used city traffic camera video to peg their suspect, Gary James. 

"We were able to pull the footage and show the suspect walking with the victim to her apartment, and then we were able to watch the apartment and make sure nobody else was coming or going out of there and it didn’t appear that there was," says    Lt. Joe Messerich. 

Police say James is the only person seen leaving and that he headed to an area bar where he caused a disturbance and was arrested. 

We spoke with the owner of that bar who tells us James showed up drunk and was harassing women, they refused to serve him. 

James faces several charges for that incident including harassment and public intoxication. 



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