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Waterloo police cracking down on excessive speeding

Waterloo police say excessive speeding is an issue within the city, and they are doing more to address it.

Police Chief Dan Trelka said the department has two motorcycles that will be used to enforce speeding. In the past, only a couple officers were trained to use these, but Trelka said five to six officers will now be qualified to operate the motorcycles. 

Starting July 12, Waterloo police will move a well-marked car throughout the city in problem areas, such as school and construction zones, according to Trelka. That car will have a radar and camera in it and issue automatic speeding citations. This car can operate without an officer inside of it, if needed. 

"We’re going to have [the car] well-marked. It’s going to be a huge billboard," Trelka said. "So when you see this Waterloo Police Department white Jeep in any area, it’s engaging in speed enforcement."

Trelka said he’s amazed at what he sees on roads across the Cedar Valley, and he hopes these measures will encourage people to stop speeding excessively. 

"Slow down. Slow down. The one thing that always amazed me is how easy it is to die in a car crash," Trelka said. "It’s not worth it. Leave early. Be late for your appointment."

Trelka also said Waterloo police officers will always try to be reasonable with drivers on the road. However, he said if you’re going 10 miles per hour above the speed limit, you will definitely catch their attention. 


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