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Firefighters save man having a heart attack and then finish his garden work

This is a story out of Florida you don’t want to miss.

A woman posted to Facebook, saying firefighters saved her husband’s life and then helped him finish his gardening.

Melissa Ann Work says her husband, Gene Work, was working on the sod with her brother-in-law. She says that’s what triggered the heart attack.

"We had just received our last 4 palettes and were going to finish it. It’s been my husband’s biggest stress as our HOA date to fine us a huge amount was getting closer," Melissa says in the post. "While he was having his heart attack, literally in and out of consciousness, he kept begging me to figure out the sod and have it put down because he didn’t want it to go to waste and die. It’s ALL he kept asking about literally during a massive heart attack. LOL. I calmed him and kept saying "Jesus will help us. It’s OK. Jesus will figure this out babe."

Gene and Melissa were taken to the hospital via ambulance.

The Facebook post says later seven firefighters and EMT’s came back, jumped out, and put on gardening gloves because they knew Gene needed help.

"They knew he wouldn’t be able to do any work for weeks, so they came back," Melissa says in her post.

She then goes on to say, "They came back!!! They saved his life, dropped him off and then cared enough to save our GRASS!! They didn’t know our HOA was going to fine us. They didn’t know that this guy’s wife (Me) is about to fight for my own life during my bone marrow transplant next month. They didn’t know that my husband pawned his favorite gun to pay for the sod that he thought was going to die. They didn’t know all we have been through as a little family. They simply saw someone in need, something in need and did this for us. This wasn’t in their job description. We have no words. Just sobbing."

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