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Precautionary boil advisory in effect for parts of Cedar Rapids

City officials in Cedar Rapids say a water main break has prompted a precautionary boil advisory to be issued on Friday.

The main broke southwest of the intersection for Johnson Avenue and Wiley Boulevard Northwest, and crews are now working to fix the break in the area.

Officials recommend people who live in the following areas to bring water to a boil, let the water rapidly boil for at least one minute and then allow it to cool completely before consuming.

Affected addresses are within: 

– Woodsonia Court NW to the North

– Jacolyn Drive NW to the East

– Cox Ave NW to the South

– Clive Drive NW to the West

City officials are anyone pregnant, nursing or have infants under six months old should use bottled water only. They also say no testing has been done to determine if the water has been contaminated in any way or not, thus the voluntary order. There will be a bacteria analysis completed by 8 a.m. on Monday, July 2 to determine if the order will be lifted or extended.

Check this web story for an update on the status of the order. You can also visit the City of Cedar Rapids website for updates.


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