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Investigation completed on last year’s fatal plane crash

This week the National Transportation Safety Board made its report on a fatal plane crash public.

In April 2017, a plane crash near Oxford killed two people. The pilot was Terry Koehn from Iowa City. James Spicer, also on board, was from Cedar Rapids.

The NTSB said the plane had an updated regular inspection two months before and was in working order. The report said Koehn did not have anything in his system that would have impaired his ability to fly. The board’s report said it was Koehn’s first flight in six months and that he had 97 hours of prior flight experience.

The cause of the crash was listed as "loss of control". No communications were made to air traffic control before the crash.

A witness said they saw the plane crash in a downward spiral after hearing the engine popping and backfiring.

The full report can be read here.


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