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Several forgotten ID’s at Iowa polls

Several voters forgot their ID’s at Iowa polls Tuesday. 

While Dubuque County and Johnson County did not have any left behind, six people left their ID’s behind at polls in Linn County. 

Black Hawk County also had reports, they believe it was less than a handful. 

Linn County Auditor Joel Miller didn’t see the issue coming with the new voter ID law. 

"I never even thought about people doing that and I didn’t think it would be this many. But it’s certainly an outgrowth of the law and a byproduct of it," he told us. 

Some voters chose not to show their ID’s, it’s an option they only have this year if they sign an oath verifying their identity. 

Johnson County and Dubuque County did not keep track of those numbers but Black Hawk County had 74 people choose to sign the oath instead. 

Linn County is still tallying their numbers. 

"I think it was probably under 10, maybe under 5. I’m glad that that protest did not catch on because standing in line on election day, that’s not the time to be protesting that you don’t like the voter ID law," says Auditor Miller. 

If you did forget your ID at the polls you can contact the auditor’s office to get it back. 


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