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Dubuque officers take emotional intelligence training

The Dubuque Police Department is trying emotional intelligence training for its officers.

It’s meant to make them more aware of their emotions.

"What this is doing is making us look internally a little bit, focus on ourselves for a second and get ourselves in-check ready to go," said Rick Fullmer, school resource officer.

The department has done de-escalation and cultural competency trainings, but this is a first for the department. During the three day training, they are focusing on empathy, communicating with others, relationship management, and coping with anger.

It’s led by the University of Dubuque Personal Empowerment staff.

"If officers are more aware of their own beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and emotions during a crisis situation, they’re able to practice empathy a lot more effectively, creating better connections with community members and better outcomes in our community," said Antonio Mouzon, personal empowerment facilitator for the University of Dubuque.

The initial 16 officers being trained appeared to respond positively. 

More officers are due to attend the training.

In the future, the department is hoping to do the same with all new incoming officers. 


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