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Mount Mercy University students safe in Guatemala after volcanic eruption

A disaster continues to unfold in Guatemala after a massive volcanic eruption and some students from Mount Mercy University are witnessing it first-hand.

Crews are still searching for survivors with the latest report saying at least 69 people have died. 

Jamarco Clark and the group of seven students from Mount Mercy University are safe. They were exploring a village a couple hours away from Volcán de Fuego when it erupted this past weekend. 

Clark said, "It got dark….really dark and all of a sudden,  we thought it was starting to rain, but it was small black pellets which turned out to be ash from the volcano."

The students are in Guatemala on a service trip through the university.

Clark said, "We are here building a house for a family in one of the villages."

Now, they are getting an up-close look at the destruction left behind in a country they were trying to help build.

Clark said, "Two of the bridges that we took to the beach no longer exist, because they were wiped out by the lava." He continued, "That was really crazy and unfortunate especially for the folks in the community."

The group is still working on the house until they come back to Iowa on Thursday. 


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